Level 1 SOC Analyst Job Requirements

To be a successful SOC Analyst, you must be familiar with operating systems, networks, and basic programming languages. Analysts are generally divided into 3 levels. In the rest of the article, we will talk about Level 1 / Tier 1 Analysts.

SOC Analyst Salary

According to Glassdoor data, the average annual salary of a SOC analyst is $95,909.

soc analyst annual salary

SOC Fundamentals

A SOC analyst basically needs to know how SOC works, what SOC tools (EDR, SIEM, Log management, etc.) exist and why.

Operating Systems for SOC Analyst

Cyber attacks are mostly related to operating systems. As an analyst, we should know how to investigate operating systems. For instance: event log analysis on windows systems, memory analysis on Linux, etc. Without this knowledge, we can not investigate the incident.

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Although we do not actively write code as SOC Analysts, when we come across malicious/suspicious code, we need to understand what the code wants to do. Otherwise, we cannot end the case. Therefore, having basic coding skills, although not strictly necessary, will make you stand out.

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It is important to understand the infrastructure of network technologies. Understanding whether a packet sent to the target system reaches the target, interpreting the response from the other party can change the analysis result.

A strong isolation to be established in a similar way will add strength to the organization in a defensive sense.

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